Streamers, Influencers and Content Creators

We're currently not doing any paid partnership with streamers or influencers, but we'd still love to make it worth your time to cover Bullet League.

  • Content Creator mikethetundra has built and maintains an awesome kit called Mike's Creator Kit
  • The Bullet League team also put together a content creator kit to make it easier to produce great looking content.

When you've uploaded your first Bullet League video we'll give you the "Streamer" role on our Discord server which allows you to ping our Discord users when you've created new video content.

We hope to grow the game, and be able to establish a good relationship with influencers. We're still a small studio, so we're unable to pay for coverage at this time - but we hope to be able to do so in the future, when the game is growing and we have lots of players :)